Dayo Movie

It is a story of an 11-year-old boy named Bubuy (voiced by Nash Aguas) whose grandparents were abducted into the magical and mystical world of Elementalia thriving with creatures anchored in Philippine mythology like manananggal (winged-creature that can separate torso from lower body), kapre (sort of big beast who smoke cigars), nuno (tiny creatures that live in a mound of soil), and aswang (shape-shifting creatures).

This film proved that Philippine animators could create a well-crafted masterpiece that Filipinos could be proud of not just here but across the globe.

Although Filipino animation is not that advanced compare to other big international animations, Dayo's creation should be celebrated as it carries the pride and creative minds of almost 500 brilliant animators in the country.

With an estimated production cost of US$1.3 million, this cartoon film is a combination of 2D and 3D animation powered by Toon Boom using Macintosh and Linux platforms.

The soundtrack of the film entitled "Lipad" was performed by world-class singer Lea Salonga. It was recorded together with Filharmonika under the baton of Gerard Salonga.

Aside from Nash, the film also features the voices of Katrina Legaspi (Anna), Pokwang (Vicky), Michael V (Narsi), Noel Trinidad (Lolo Meong), Nova Villa (Lola Nita), Johnny Delgado (Carpio), Peque Gallaga (Nano), Laurice Guillen (Diwata/Bruha), Gabe Mercado (Jo), and Pocholo Gonzales (Toti).



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